Software Developer

Hey I'm Alex
I'm a Birmingham-based Software Engineer, freelancer and all round nerd. I've spent the last 5 years crafting bespoke web applications, APIs, and native apps to meet all kinds of business needs.
Now I'm looking forward to using my skills to assist you!
About Me
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Alex Dunne
  • PHP/Symfony
  • NodeJS/Express/Socket.IO
  • React/React Native
  • Redux/MobX
  • PostgreSQL/MySQL
  • RabbitMQ/Redis
  • Vagrant/Ansible/Docker
Student Tracking and Reporting System (STaRS)
  • STaRS is a bespoke internal web application for Halesowen College to assist lecturer's with monitoring student's attendance, grades and performance.
  • It provides the ability to mark registers, set and mark work, insert mock exam grades and highlight students performance. This data is then collated and used to generate an online report, providing the ability for parents to monitor their students.
  • The application also provides approximately 4000 students with a quick summary of their current performance on the login dashboard. The dashboard also informs the students of their next lesson for the day, any recent results and any work that is due within the week.
  • It gives personal coaches the ability to talk to each of their tutees on a one to one basis and record the discussion for future reference or to highlight any problems the student is facing
  • Senior staff members are provided live performance data regarding the area they maintain. This highlights crucial information about each tutor group, ensuring a higher quality service is provided.
  • A student profile is also provided to display information stored about students. This includes any personal none confidential information, next of kin details, qualifications on entry and results achieved whilst at the college.
Catering System
  • The Catering System is a custom built web application for the Halesowen College catering department. It is used to assist with ordering products, viewing and creating recipes and providing reports based around orders.
  • User Experience was key in this design, working with members of the catering department I found their exact needs and designed a web page which they could use efficiently.
  • Clear printable recipes was also a must as these were to be used in classes. Collectively we decided on a simple design to insure recipes were correctly followed.
  • As supplier prices often changed an easy way to edit prices was necessary, this was requested to be designed in a way were they could change details quickly.
  • Being able to both view and repeat completed orders was also essential to the staff as they often needed to repeat orders for each class they had.